Limbo cont’d…. Lump status confirmed!


So after waiting an inordinate amount of time to see Pauline (and laughing far too much about the Caravanning magazine) we finally get called through by a random nurse to get taken into a room where we wait again for my lovely Pauline.

She rocks in like my surrogate mammy, with her beautiful tan brogues (why do I always get fixated on the shoes!), and asks me to take my top clothes off. By this time it is 3.40pm (I mean 40mins isn’t a bad delay!), and I’m half undressed before she’s finished even asking! I’m honestly at the point where I just get the boobs out for anyone! I promise Pauline that I won’t do it in the middle of the local shopping centre if I do see her there.

Once I’m on my back and Pauline is having a feel of the boob area, she says ‘hmmm, there are two lumps there, and one over here’. WTAF. I mean, I was here for one lump. Just the one. The one that I have spent a lot of time convincing myself that it is a cyst. Don’t now tell me that there are three. I can’t now deal with three in my head. She follows that up with ‘I think (THINK?!) they are cysts, but the consultant is scrubbed up and in surgery so he might drain them tomorrow’. Tomorrow? TOMORROW????? I have already waited four days! Honestly, I am done. We leave the hospital no further forward.

I did leave with a flea in my ear though. After the examination she asked how I was doing, whether I was resting, whether I was taking enough me time and whether I was giving myself a break. And do you know what, I got a bit bloody teary. I looked at the man cub and as I teared up, I could see him look a little upset. I blame the bloody CP as this kind of kindness wouldn’t have ever floored me before!

In amidst this crazy day, we picked the cub up from after-school club and the tinker that bothered my cub and I before was at it again. As soon as we walked in I could see her whispering to the cub ‘take your mams hat off, take it off’ and my cub looking so uncomfortable. I’m so cross and don’t quite know what to do with that yet, but I’m sure that an opportunity will present itself at some point for me to really deal with it. I have too much going on to do anything with that at this moment.

At home this evening, I realised I have a spot on the end of my nose. Now, seriously, if fate isn’t trying to deal me a duff card, then I don’t know what is. I already have no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, bloating, pale skin, water retention – lets add a spot!! Bang and centre on my nose. Dear me. However I have also laughed a lot tonight. As the man cub and I talked about the day I did remember that mid-way through Pauline examining the boobs I looked over and saw him staring at the ceiling!! As if he’d never seen my boobs before! As if he’d never witnessed my body naked!!! I mean, we’ve had a child together – it’s a given that he has! But, seriously, at 10pm we were broken laughing about this!! I have never chuckled so much.


Well today is going to be a long day. The man cub has taken the day off as we could get a call at any point to return to the hospital. I however have meetings so have launched  the cub into school and started the day with my fellow colleagues in a coffee shop. Trying not to be distracted throughout, I make it back to work with them at 10am and still no call from the hospital. Finally at 10.20am I get the call to come in at 4pm. Another six hours. FMD’s this is exhausting. I work my way through meetings and emails to gain some sense of normality and leave early to pick the man cub up to head to the hospital.

At that moment I get the call about radiotherapy. I have my pre assessment booked for the 28/03/19 (a months time!). I am also privileged to get a parking pass as having cancer must treat me to one of them! When asked what time of day would suit me for radio I said early as possible to which they said they had 8am appointments. I might need to revisit those logistics at a later date – we live an hour from the hospital, through a major city and the associated traffic. We’re going to have to see how that pans out!! This is certainly an issue for another day. I need to deal with todays issue first!

We arrive at the hospital at 4pm (bearing in mind we need to pick the cub up from after-school club by 6pm and we are an hour away!). We’re sat in the waiting room with the remaining folk from day session and my phone is on 10% battery so I am bored. The man cub goes to ring his work boss to update her on the situation and reappears within 30 seconds to say he’s dropped the phone on the floor and he’s killed it. I burst out laughing. I mean – this situation can’t get any more ridiculous. We have a dead phone, a nearly dead battery, a cub that needs picking up in an hour, and at least three other people to be seen before me. We need a plan!!!

The plan we come up with depends on timings and if Mr A calls me before 5pm then we could be ok. If not, then I face a two hour bus ride home by myself so the man cub can go and get the cub! To be honest, we are still rolling about laughing at the phone. It is seriously the highlight of ridiculousness and I’m sure again we were unpopular in the waiting room, but it’s the humour that keeps us going.

4.45pm and a nurse calls us through. We’re cutting it fine here, and while she tells me to undress I do as I’m told and take a seat on the bed – at which point I nearly tip myself off the bed as it was the flexible end and I hadn’t realised. Cue more laughter from the pair of us, and I decide to just have a lie down as by this point I am done. If Mr A doesn’t get his arse in here quickly I am about to lose my man cub and deal with a prognosis by myself. And I do not fancy that. I also know that the man cub is clinging on to the last few moments himself as he has been with me every step of the way. We are a team, a unit, and we do this  together.

Mr A arrives at 4.57. Cutting it fine here. My lovely Pauline is with him and she points him in the direction of the ‘three lumps’. Very quick confirmation on the big lump that I found – IT IS A CYST! Yay!!!!!!! A humongous needle appears but within moments it is drained (yuk!). The other two are also cysts (felt them) but too little to do anything with. I am quite lumpy apparently. He did try to drain one of them and as soon as the needle went in the cyst moved. Joy!! I love being a human pin cushion! He then had a quick chat about seeing me in May and we’d discuss next steps. By this point I wanted to get dressed and leave. Relieved. Less stressed. Putting the past five days to bed.

Because this has been gruelling. This last five days have worn us down, taken my last positivity and spread it thin, my last ounces of strength and scattered it, and defeated my pragmatism in all ways. This has been a harder pill to swallow than the first diagnosis. I have a lot to learn from this and deal with, but today I am going to have a drink, chuckle about the phone and our damn luck and be grateful for the family I have. Because I have this.

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